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ACE Massage Cupping

ACE Cupping Massage - What Is It?

ACE Cupping in form of massage technique I am trained in using the vacuum pump method. Honestly, this is where I am very passionate with my work because of the many benefits it has.  Cupping uses negative pressure that reaches deep into the layers of fascia.  It is painless and very relaxing.  But don't let that fool you, it has very deep effects.

How Cupping Is Done

There are several types of cupping techniques which include wet, dry, stagnant and dynamic cupping as well as fire cupping. These all performed differently and are used for different reasons.    Click here to read about how cupping is done.  Please know that I only perform DRY CUPPING with dramatic and in chronic cases, stagnant movements.

What can you expect during a cupping appointment?

Depending on the type of cupping and what you are going in for, you will have several cups placed on your body, depending on where you want the treatment. For a stagnant treatment, the cups will be left in place and for a dynamic treatment, the technician will move them around. You may feel some pinching if a knot is located. Upon the release of the skin and muscle, you should feel an immediate lack of tension and more relaxation.

Cupping has long been used in holistic and alternative medicine practices with no physical trauma to the body, the benefits of this ancient practice are well worth exploring. You may find that it helps with relaxation, toxin removal, and pain relief when used regularly.

Therapeutic Effects of ACE Massage Cupping™

Lymph Drainage

Loosen Adhesions

Release Deep Tissue Issues

Move Stagnation

Relieve Inflammation

Stimulate Blood Flow

Sedate the Nervous System

Cellulite Reduction

Pain Reduction

Joint Mobilization

Lymph Drainage

Scar Reduction

Pre- and Post-Operative Therapy to
Shorten Recovery Time & Enhance Surgical Results

Releasing Tight, Contacted Muscle Tissue

Assisting with Weight Loss Programs

Athletic Performance Enhancement

Skin Toning and Firming

and much more, click here

Conditions that respond to ACE Massage Cupping™ therapy:




TMJ Dysfunction

Chronic Pain

Sluggish Colon & IBS

Bursitis, Tendonitis, & Plantar Fasciitis

Scars & Adhesions

Muscular Aches

and Much more, click here

ACE Massage Cupping™ continues to evolve as new equipment is located and creative applications are discovered. The techniques relieve inflammation, sedate the nervous system, move stagnant lymph and blood, hydrate and nourish tissue, shift tissue PH, and can be used on acute and chronic conditions for all ages!

Benefits of ACE Massage Cupping™

Increased local blood supply to the muscles and skin will bring nourishment and allow for toxins to be carried away via the lymph. Conditions of chronic and acute pain can be relieved with minimal discomfort and tense muscles softened quickly and easily. ACE Massage Cupping™ is wonderfully effective to release restrictions in fascia and scar tissue, such as plantar fasciitis. Click here for more information

People often report that the experience stayed with them longer than most treatments, and the speed with which ACE Massage Cupping™ effects change in the tissue is truly amazing. When used in a treatment series, the results are cumulative. Yet even in a single treatment, a long-term physical issue may be resolved! Applications for this technique include body contouring, chronic pain relief, pre-surgery prepping and post-surgery recovery (face and body), detoxification, and increased sports performance. Conditions that have responded to ACE Massage Cupping™ therapy include colon disorders, edema, fibromyalgia, sports injuries, cellulite, nervous tension and many more!

What is the discoloration that occurs after some treatments?

There is a “marked” difference between traditional Chinese cupping therapy and ACE Massage Cupping™. The marks that are commonly left from TCM treatments are the desired result. ACE Massage Cupping™ therapy very rarely produces this discoloration, called a “cup kiss” or “doo-hickey.” If this appears during the treatment, it’s just an added bonus indicating the release of intense stagnation (body fluids and toxins) in the area. This is not a bruise and will dissipate anywhere between a few hours and a few days. It is also unlikely that it will re-occur in the same area.


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